Engagement & Couples Photo Session


Includes 45 minutes of the photo session at a location of your choice, online gallery with instant high-resolution files download, ability to share pictures from the gallery on social media and print release.

Can’t decide on location or outfit? No problem. I’m here to help. Scroll down to find more information and some tips and if you still have questions use the contact form below to reach me.

Choosing Date and Time

We are portrait photographers who love timeless and airy pictures and believe that nothing will brighten pictures better than natural light especially during “golden hour”. In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. We like to start our portrait photo sessions two hours before the sunset to ensure we have enough time to shoot during daylight. Weekends most requested time for the photo session, but consider booking your session at business days, when state parks are not too busy, and we’ll have more space to ourselves.



Think outside the box! It’s a lot of great locations in Virginia for the photo shoot, but think for a minute how you can make your photo session unique. Maybe you or somebody you know have exclusive access to locations that others don’t. For example, it can be some private ranch or rooftop with an incredible view, country club or resort. Don’t stop, stay motivated and you’ll be surprised how many possibilities you may open for yourself. If you get stuck or need inspiration, check out our blog. We have some great go-to locations, just let us know what type of session you are looking for and we’ll start from there. Happy browsing!

As you might already notice, we love natural light photography. Airy and dreamy pictures with beautiful creamy skin tones are always our goal. We love shooting in wide-open natural spaces because the light is divine, especially during golden hour. Virginia is the four seasons state with tons of great locations. We are up for traveling in Central and Northern Virginia for no additional charge.

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